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(my daily about me)
-My name is Jack Snow-
-I live in Knoxville, Tennessee-
-I am single and HATING it-
-I currently work at a movie theatre, cool-
-I have weak knees, in more ways than one-
-My friends are cooler than yours-
-If I could have a superpower it would be teleportation-
-If you give me a snickers, I'll give you my heart-
-I like to go running at nighttime-
-My name was almost Kirk-
-I'm a sh00-in Hufflepuff-
-I listened to Lil Wayne before you did, and that makes me happy?-
-I listen to rap, deathmetal, hardcore, grindcore, post rock, techno, dance, trance, surf, ska, and funk-
-My favorite color is GReeeN-
-Blastoise is my favorite pokemon-
-I have a permit to kill zombies-
-I’m always thirsty, therefore, I’m known as refill guy-
-There's a disco ball in my bedroom-
-Things I watch on TV include: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, South Park, Friends, ATHF, and Sports!-
-My favorite month of the year is March…gotta love the MADNESS!-
-My favorite athlete is Michael Jordan, I have 4 posters-
-I'm pretty sure I could eat pizza everyday for the rest of my life, hawaiian pizza-
-I have never left the United States, unless you consider Hawaii leaving the U.S...which I do, It's like Japan #2-
-I am not afraid of any roller coaster-
-I've read only a handful of books-
-I really want to visit California or Miami; warm weather is my thing-
-I am Italian and German decent. The Axis of Evil-
-My current COD:BO k/d ratio is 1.90-
-I'm Jack Michael Lowery and I'm a PC-
-9 out of 10 people agree, if I were a Looney Tune, I'd be Marvin the Martian-
-I bailed on the Pinewood Derby-
-If my life was a movie it would be rated R for Redo-
-I really really like banana chocolate milkshakes-
-I have sleeping problems-
-I hate it when people named John try and go by Jack-
-i have 1000's of baseball cards in my attic, could be worth some money, but who cares-
-I aspire myself to become something greater than i am capable of, one of my fallacies-
-Me and my friends make youtube videos. I wish we were famous-
-I sleep on a futon-
-I'm a HUGE fan of balloonshop and everything affiliated-
-I'm a Libra but that doesn't make who I am-
-I've submitted a word of my own creation to urbandictionary.com-
-I love the Kansas Jayhawks-
-I have about 8 different places to stay in California, yet I've never even stepped a foot inside the state-
-I am very very bad at checkers-
-HOT and SPICY Cheezits are my jam-
-The best time to swim is in the rain-
-Hotrod might be my favorite movie-
-I always buy band tees from shows before i listen to the band, is that dumb? yes.-
-Little Bites fudge brownies are fudging good-
-I lost my favorite shirt a while back Bad Brains where are you?!-
-I make a lot of my own posts, none of the pictures are ever mine, and I do all of them on basic as fuck microsoft paint. Sorry for being a rookie-
-I really hate angry birds shirts-
-I also really hate the noise styrofoam blocks make-
-I'm such a pushover-
-my favorite animal? housecat-